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Cloud computing is a relatively new web-based service that businesses and some individual computer users are finding quite useful. The overarching idea of cloud computing was derrived in the early 1990s, but the real-time data processing network did not become a functional success until about...
Created: Jul. 17, 2012
It’s been three years since Jay-Z declared the “Death of Auto-Tune” on his album The Blueprint 3, but the pitch-enhancing software still features prominently in popular songs and on YouTube., member of the Black Eyed Peas and judge on NBC's "The Voice," recently admitted to a...
Created: May 29, 2012
A computer can be struck with a virus in many different ways. These viruses can be little threats to computers with the traditional spy and anti-virus ware, but some viruses can cause serious damage to a computer, depending on the skill level of the attacker; wiping it clean or even stealing...
Created: Nov. 23, 2011
It is an understatement to merely say that piracy is still a major problem on the Internet. DRM, or Digital Rights Management software, is always being created to try and combat the theft of software; the majority of the time, it is only rewarding the pirates and inhibiting the use of the...
Created: Sep. 13, 2011
The Federal Trade Commission is expected to approach Google with subpoenas in an antitrust investigation. The world-wide search engine is expected to have engaged in anti-competitive activity which prompted many web companies to complain. Similar to the Microsoft antitrust probe in 1998,...
Created: Jun. 28, 2011
Are you one of those mangers who thinks Information Technology is too complicated for you? Or one of those who would turn your eyes the moment you see or hear the words “IT” or “Computers”? “Oh, this is for the techies to read, not for me” – is that your immediate reaction? Then this...
Created: Apr. 16, 2011

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