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Loren Murfield, Ph.D. works with aspiring and emerging leaders to leverage the power they currently posses to disrupt their organizations, industries and careers. He is a visionary facilitator, author of 12 books, ghostwriter and speaker.
Thinker Since: Feb. 21, 2017
Clear eyes, full heart...
Thinker Since: Nov. 10, 2016
Mike Dailey is an Information Technology consultant, entrepreneur and author with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He shares his entrepreneurial and career development advice to help others achieve success as a freelancer or small business owner.
Thinker Since: May 19, 2016
Angela Harris Nevels has been an entrepreneur and educator for over fifteen years. She serves as a business consultant and adjunct professor and holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a bachelor’s degree, with honors, from Georgetown University.
Thinker Since: Oct. 30, 2015
I am a renegade, renaissance, Hawaii surfer poet who loves to think, experiment, and create radically outside the box. Born and raised in Hawaii, I am currently homeless trying to publish a series of articles on my homeless experience on Maui, which I will combine into a ebook "No Shame".
Thinker Since: Apr. 24, 2013
Jan Maxwell is a freelance writer and private tutor. As a tutor, she specializes in preparing high school students for college admission. Her writing has appeared in a wide variety of print publications and online sites, including a career E-Book which she published in 2006.
Thinker Since: Feb. 9, 2013
Freelance and creative writer, seeking to add gender/social justice into adventurous, action, and thought-provoking pieces on contemporary issues, spicing up such tales with empowerment tools, tactics that feed, encourage deep change. A believer that STEM is SSTEM, favoring Big Data social sciences.
Thinker Since: Jan. 28, 2013
College educated, B.S, MBA. Small business entrepreneur, Published author. Interested in the state of human affairs. Dedicated to animal welfare.
Thinker Since: Jan. 9, 2013
Sandra Wolff was born Northern and transplanted Southern. She enjoys reading, writing and surfing the Internet. She is currently seeking a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing with a concentration in fiction and a minor in social media marketing. Sandra enjoys writing psychological horror.
Thinker Since: Jan. 5, 2013
Brian Clark has written for the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, San Diego Union-Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and other papers. He lives in Madison, WI, plays soccer, skis and still does some whitewater kayaking.
Thinker Since: Jun. 13, 2012
CTO, CEO, CVE, CC&BW at My Web Portal, Inc., the designer, developer and operator of My Senior Portal website -
Thinker Since: Feb. 22, 2012
The "honest marketer", an oxymoron? Not in this case :-) I believe marketing, truth and integrity can all be used in the same sentence. Doing just that I have taken my monthly income and turned into my weekly income... (daily is next!)
Thinker Since: Dec. 29, 2011
Jeffrey is a 30 year veteran of creating, operating, coaching and consulting with successful foodservice and hospitality concepts that include national and international chains, franchises and independent operators. He is an award winning business coach, consultant, speaker, writer and blogger.
Thinker Since: Oct. 5, 2011
Internet entrepreneur. A digital pioneer who as first mover in the Internet news marketplace built NandO and Total Sports creating unique products that were the foundation for web development. Consultant.
Thinker Since: Sep. 7, 2011
Daniel Burrus, Technology Futurist and Keynote Speaker on Business Trends, Technology and Future Trends. Author of the best-selling book, Flash Foresight.
Thinker Since: May 16, 2011
I am an Internet marketing consultant with expertise in the hospitality industry and wedding industry. I help business owners and managers use the Internet more effectively and simultaneously save time and money.
Thinker Since: Jul. 24, 2011
Tom Castelloe is cofounder of The Braintree. Tom is an entrepreneur who has started several companies. His current mission is to bring academic and other strategic solutions to people all over the world through an online knowledge market known as “The Braintree”.
Thinker Since: Sep. 4, 2011
I am fifty-two years old and the father of two great kids, proud grandparent of two wonderful grand children and now live in my hometown, Huntsville Alabama. I have had the pleasure through out my career to live in many areas of the US, where I met many great friends and business associates.
Thinker Since: Aug. 4, 2011
Kimberly Jessy is the Founder & CEO of the Celebritypreneur, a famous online marketing & branding advertising boutique. Kimberly Jessy helps business owners become Internet celebrities and luxerize their business with stand out marketing & branding!
Thinker Since: Jul. 31, 2011
I am a recent graduate of Virginia Tech involved in multiple small business start-ups. Whether I am working or passing time at home, I read, write and listen to music for most of the day. Relaxation for me is outside--in the mountains or in the water.
Thinker Since: Jul. 29, 2011
Jeff is an innovation professor at the Ross School of Business, the founder of Innovatrium Institute of Innovation, and co-creator of Competing Values Framework. His new book is titled "Innovation You. Four Steps to Becoming New and Improved" is IN STORES July 26th.
Thinker Since: Jul. 20, 2011
Sean Daley has worked for web company start-ups as well as established corporate web businesses for the past 15 years. Currently he serves as the Director of Web Operations for the Disney owned ABC11-WTVD television station in North Carolina.
Thinker Since: Jul. 20, 2011
Co-Founder of Lucky Napkin
Thinker Since: Jul. 19, 2011
Debbie Josendale is an advocate of Education Marketing and teaches entrepreneurs and small business owners Business Building Marketing based on sharing their expertise to stand out from the crowd.
Thinker Since: Jul. 19, 2011
Partner in a start up internet marketing company, SEOInfluence. I want to provide quality, ethical internet marketing services to all types of businesses, whether big or small. When I am not marketing, I am surfing.
Thinker Since: Jul. 13, 2011
Currently live in Santa Barbara, California, forming a start-up company called SEO We focus on ethical, intelligent SEO services to get the best out of organic traffic for our clients. Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Thinker Since: Jul. 12, 2011
Rebecca Sylvester is the owner of Lucky Cats Marketing, a Pittsburgh-based internet marketing company. We do search engine optimization, email marketing, lead generation, and social media for our clients so they can focus on what they do best -- not on learning new internet technologies.
Thinker Since: Jul. 12, 2011
Husband, Father, Friend, Executive Phoenix Trader, School Governor, Blogger, Mentor, Social Media Advisor, Website Usability Analyst, Dad Taxi
Thinker Since: Jun. 25, 2011
Kenneth Shelton received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration Management from Milwaukee School of Engineering. He is owner of Todd's Creative Design. Experience incudes website design SEO consulting, business systems analysis, project management, software developer and programmer.
Thinker Since: Jun. 22, 2011
Dr. Hemsath received his Dr.-Ing degree for his research into the thermal radiation of large industrial flames. He advanced to VP of Corporate R&D, started his own companies, was awarded more than 60 Patents, wrote five books about climate change, continues writing, inventing, and speaking to groups
Thinker Since: Jun. 8, 2011
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