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Dec. 20, 2017 4:57 pm
In the spirit of Dickens's Ghost of Christmas Future, I thought again of the "demon" that I have outlined as a simple but over-arching vision of ideal pricing. It is easy to get lost in the many currents of discussion about the strategy and tactics of pricing -- and to lose sight of the deep connection of pricing to how enterprises think about their business, their customer relationships, and...  Read More
Oct. 31, 2017 5:34 pm
"Can startup Invisibly be the new revenue stream publishers dream of?" asks Ken Doctor in his very interesting Newsonomics piece last week. Led by the cofounder of Square, Invisibly promises “four-figure CPMs” and a way to make big money off readers who won’t subscribe. It says it has most of the U.S. digital news industry on board. But is it just “an ad network dressed up as a savior for news...  Read More
Oct. 25, 2017 3:54 pm
The Dollar is at a significant turning point, and it could mean a substantial rise against the Yen and Euro. Look at the monster reverse head-and-shoulder forming in the Dollar Index. The only thing left for the Dollar Index to do now is break the next line around $94.25, and the Dollar could see a significant move higher from current levels. It seems more than possible to see the Dollar Index...  Read More
Oct. 25, 2017 3:32 pm
Equity Markets are taking a wild ride today, with the S&P 500 down by nearly one percent at one point. But there has been a bit of snap back, with a recovery off the lows. Biotech just continues to get pounded, while Technology has had a rough go as well. Apple has managed to hold despite the weak day. The SP 500 appears fine on the chart below with no significant technical damage. All the gaps...  Read More
Oct. 24, 2017 12:28 pm
The Company Report can be gripping and compelling works of fiction. Don't believe me? Then check out the Cautionary Statement. Cautionary statement regarding forward-looking statements The Group's reports filed with or furnished to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including this document and written information released, or oral statements made, to the public in the...  Read More
Oct. 21, 2017 5:35 am
In the 60s there was a big campaign in Britain. A campaign to put the Great back in Great Britain. A campaign to Buy British. Even to me, it seemed like it was too late. Our time had passed. There was a new world order. We'd learned the hard way, that war is an uncertain and cripplingly expensive endeavour. Humbled by a series of rebellions and small-scale wars at the turn of the century,...  Read More
Oct. 16, 2017 6:06 pm
Some very nice insights on this theme are woven together in the latest Upshot reporting by Neil Irwin. It shows how Richard Thaler's behavioral economics adds deeper dimension to the debates about surge pricing -- and how that ties to underlying issues of fairness and long-term relationships, beyond the usual conflicting simplistic responses ("not fair"/"sound economics"). My congratulations...  Read More
Oct. 12, 2017 11:31 am
In Part 82 of this series, I posed the question whether or not human capital management was dead or not. In this part I want to suggest that there is a vital path to your survival both as an HR professional and as part of your organization. The C-Suite office holders of the 21 st century are in a quandary. They are confronted with a wide-ranging audience they must answer to. This audience...  Read More
Oct. 9, 2017 6:36 pm
We can start now, one company at a time. What company will take that step? -- to shift from the cold-blooded zero-sum logic of dinosaurs, to the more dynamic and cooperative logic of mammals? All it takes is one imaginative business to lead the way (most likely starting in digital). I just finished an advance copy of Tim O'Reilly's important new book, WTF?: What's the Future and Why It's Up to...  Read More
Oct. 3, 2017 11:46 am
In his Newsonomics series, Ken Doctor asks "is that all there is to reader revenue?" -- and reviews some signs of hope that there is more. I suggest there is actually much more -- because we are just beginning to rethink our value propositions for the strange new world of digital. In homage to Peggy Lee's classic song, "Is that all there is?," Ken asks that specifically as it relates to "Who...  Read More
Sep. 25, 2017 4:28 pm
Robert Iger of Disney recently made a very interesting statement about where ESPN will be going: You'll be able to pick and choose over time what it is you want, it won't necessarily be a one-size fits all. … the goal eventually is to create something that a sports fan can essentially use to design what their sport media experience can be. will be able sport, a sporting...  Read More
Sep. 25, 2017 10:04 am
As I listen to the Internet scuttlebutt I have cause to stop and consider whether the HR profession, as we know it , is thriving or either dying or has already died. I have a fellow consultant who told me that the reason why I am not getting the interest in some of my programs is because the majority of HR people are ignorant. Others tell me that we, as a profession, have no fathom how to respond...  Read More
Aug. 23, 2017 3:33 pm
What Really Matters So now that the eclipse is over we can focus again. Just kidding, the eclipse was very cool and generated a lot of attention and interest. There has been a convergence of events lately that have really caused me to be even more pensive that usual. · The Charlottesville attacks. This disturbed me on many levels. I know there are angry people out there, but I have always...  Read More
Aug. 16, 2017 5:15 pm
Journalism and many other digital content services face an existential threat to sustainability, and are rightly looking to membership models as a possible solution. Consumers are questioning their value propositions, and advertising and sponsorship models are highly problematic for quality journalism as well as many other kinds of creative content. This post looks at the membership puzzle...  Read More
Aug. 16, 2017 1:28 pm
I am currently experiencing the thrills of having a 16-month old grandson running around the house. This is an experience, which I have not had to deal with in over thirty years since my sons were born. But the events of this past weekend make me stop and wonder what type of organizations or society are we leaving for him, as he grows older? In working with clients I advocate that in order for...  Read More
Jul. 31, 2017 4:11 pm
The Illusive Nature of Loyalty As anyone who has ever read anything I have written or had to sit through one of my trainings or presentations knows I am an advocate of employee engagement or commitment over compliance. The concept of loyalty is one of my personal pillars of an engaged relationship, but I think I might just define it differently from the traditional sense. Under the old ...  Read More
Jun. 19, 2017 4:41 pm
Last week brought two notable news items about Amazon and the future or retail. Most noted was the deal to buy Whole Foods, which would greatly accelerate Amazon's move to the center of the still rudimentary combination of bricks and clicks. Drawing some limited attention was the issuance of an Amazon patent (filed in May, 2012) on smart ways to turn showrooming to a store's advantage. This...  Read More
May 25, 2017 1:31 pm
A recent NY Times front page article, " The Right Builds an Alternative Narrative About the Crises Around Trump ," is an example of a perspective that we need to make a regular feature, to support our defense in the war on truth. It has been widely recognized that the shocking surprise of the Trump election - and that it happened at all - is partly because reasonable people who live in the world...  Read More
May 23, 2017 2:49 pm
" How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All " is a very nice analysis of how "standard prices and simple discounts are giving way to far more exotic strategies, designed to extract every last dollar from the consumer." This article by Jerry Useem in The Atlantic provides a big-picture view of the growing use of dynamic pricing to seek perfect price discrimination -- how companies "are...  Read More
Apr. 23, 2017 4:09 am
Yesterday, April 22, 2017 scientists marched for science. At rallies in capital cities across the world they took to the streets to support evidence-based policy and reject policy-based evidence. And it was a remarkable event. Because this kind of thing does not happen in science. From time to time, individual scientists - Linus Pauling, Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan - have...  Read More
Apr. 20, 2017 6:00 pm
Paying The Trust Tax I am a big believer in Stephen MR Covey’s definition of trust dividends and trust taxes . I believe along with a number of other organizational development professionals and behavioral scientists that trust forms the foundation of all high functioning relationships, whether personal or professional. I also believe that trust is not an entitlement. Our old leadership...  Read More
Apr. 17, 2017 6:00 pm
I want to share with you a simple tool that two people whose work I respect highly use regularly to improve decision making and head off highly probable but overlooked "gray rhino" risks: the humble Post-it Note. One of the key take-aways from my new book, THE GRAY RHINO: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore, is that we need to pay more attention to ideas from people who are...  Read More
Apr. 13, 2017 12:54 pm
At the heart of the Subscription Economy is the idea that customers are happier subscribing to the outcomes they want, when they want them, rather than purchasing a product with the burden of ownership . ...Nicely put by Zuora , the SaaS platform company that drives many of the largest subscription services. They have popularized the term " subscription economy ," and recently created a ...  Read More
Apr. 4, 2017 2:10 pm
Would You Stand Under the Arch? The ancient Romans had a tradition: Whenever one of their engineers constructed an arch, as the capstone was hoisted into place, the engineer assumed accountability for his work in the most profound way possible: He stood under the arch.” Michael Armstrong When I used to teach a unit on leadership for our local Chamber of Commerce I would challenge those...  Read More
Apr. 1, 2017 2:59 am
You can lead a man to the light, but you can't make him think. Norman Einstein, CEO Scientific Radicals Multiple regression analysis is a really useful technique. It allows us to model the simultaneous impact of several variables on an outcome of interest. But in the 1980s, multiple regression analysis developed something of a bad name. The advent of modern computing meant that...  Read More
Mar. 30, 2017 3:28 pm
Adrian Payne -- one of the foremost authorities on Relationship Marketing and CRM -- wrote a Foreword to my new book that serves as an excellent overview. Adrian is author of fourteen books, including the first text to be published on Relationship Marketing (1993), and most recently, Strategic Customer Management: Integrating Relationship Marketing and CRM (2013). He is Professor of...  Read More
Mar. 28, 2017 1:40 pm
Getting the Performance You Want! At the end of the day I believe this is the objective that every manager in every organization is most interested in meeting and exceeding. It is also one that even after a couple hundred years in the continuing dynamics between employer and employed we still do badly. If you choose to disagree with me just take a look at the latest numbers on employee...  Read More
Mar. 26, 2017 5:54 am
Heads up everyone. The following 'dodge' is wrong. When analyzing data, a standard 'dodge' is to turn a continuous measurement into a binary, all-or-nothing variable. For example, we can define a cut-off point for cholesterol levels where values above the cut-off are defined as 'high' and values below may be defined as 'normal'. At first glance, it appears sensible. We have clearly defined...  Read More
Mar. 24, 2017 10:12 pm
This blog post does not refer to the former government policy regarding sexual orientation in the military. Rather this refers to a vital part of the TLS Continuum and the voice of the customer. We can’t improve our processes without the input from our customers. However it does no good for you to ask the customer what keeps them up at night if you are not going to follow through on resolving...  Read More
Mar. 20, 2017 7:39 pm
Umm, The Bus is Moving! I am going to go out on a limb and state that if you ask most people to name the ten best books on leadership that every emerging and current leader should read, Jim Collin’s Good to Great is going to be on that list. One of the great lines that everybody can quote from that book is “getting the right people on the bus”. Great thought, my issue with it is the bus...  Read More
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