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Beautiful Words: Vulva  Sensitive Content
Against misogyny & misogamy, always & everywhere. Women, too, possess free will & are not slaves, however men demoniz...
Created: Nov. 6, 2017
Many ideas and precursors figure in this poem – Psalm 137, e.g., or Verdi’s NABUCCO. But motivating the poem is my ho...
Created: Nov. 5, 2017
America is drowning to death in Re-thug-li-gun-Russian lies, propagated by media owned by HOL-E-garchs who consider t...
Created: Nov. 3, 2017
The wages of division is death.The wages of individuation is freedom (above all, freedom to die). The wages of totali...
Created: Oct. 7, 2017
In the beginning was the pun. Samuel Beckett
Created: Sep. 28, 2017
Dream Driver
Created: Sep. 23, 2017
"Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum" -- so great the evils religion can talk men into ... Lucretius, DE RERUM NATU...
Created: Sep. 7, 2017
Against Trump's and Sessions' assault on DACA ...
Created: Sep. 6, 2017
Just as we never see the sun but only the APPEARANCE OF THE SUN EIGHT MINUTES AGO, so, at night, when we look at the ...
Created: Aug. 31, 2017
The military buzz, “snafu,” — "situation normal, all f*&%ed up” — describes so well where politics & religion have la...
Created: Aug. 28, 2017
“Everything in the future is a wave, everything in the past is a particle” — Lawrence Bragg
Created: Aug. 13, 2017
Problem technical? Or moral? Perhaps both?
Created: Aug. 3, 2017
... we’re primitive / Beyond what research had suggested we’d be ...
Created: Aug. 1, 2017
This is a review of a book on experimental therapies for the treatment and prevention of cancer. While written as fic...
Created: Jul. 28, 2017
Science AND Fiction ... a future parabol(a)
Created: Jul. 12, 2017
A sonnet in the manner of Milton or perhaps Wordsworth on my suffering homeland and those who are destroying it. The ...
Created: Jun. 11, 2017
Quantum mechanics brings probability to the heart of the evolution of things. Carlo Rovelli
Created: Jun. 24, 2017
I recently visited Southeast Alaska. How is it that we can sit by when beauty of such grandeur & majesty melts away? ...
Created: Jun. 5, 2017
A poem which began as an experiment in sound gradually emerged as a celebration of the mystery and morality of sound....
Created: May 29, 2017
"Hypocrisy trumpeting its victories / Over victims bereft of their stories."
Created: May 26, 2017
"We shall not cease from exploration | And the end of all our exploring | Will be to arrive where we started | And kn...
Created: Apr. 15, 2017
Against misogyny
Created: Apr. 2, 2017
On March 25, 2017, I turned 69, finishing my 69th year and beginning my 70th.
Created: Mar. 26, 2017
Greed in MUSTH ...
Created: Mar. 23, 2017
On seashells and quantum mechanics, the reality of the indeterminate and stochastic
Created: Mar. 7, 2017
Against the perversely politicized & theologized idiot-ology of "subjectivity" versus "objectivity," distorted & dist...
Created: Mar. 1, 2017
Re-thug-li-gun-Rush-in lies to cover up TrumPutin's treachery compel us to ask what is left of American freedom. "Qui...
Created: Feb. 16, 2017
Do you see now … how the same atoms [PRIMORDIA, SEMINA RERUM] a little changed in their relations create fires and fi...
Created: Feb. 14, 2017
A meditation on fascist hip - ocrisy
Created: Jan. 30, 2017
What is poetry? Listening to what you didn't know you want to hear.
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