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Quotes from my new book exploring how to unlock our natural empathy and creativity by changing the way we perceive self and world and developing a more artistic and intuitive approach to science based on the fluid boundary logic of 'natural inclusionality'
Alan Rayner
Dec. 23, 2011 10:12 am by Alan Rayner
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Alan Rayner
Dr Alan Rayner is a naturalist who uses art, poetry, fluid mathematics and careful science to enquire and communicate about the evolutionary

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Why we need each other to be different, genes are not selfish and evolution is not a process of selective elimination.

Natural Flow-Form: A Mutual Inclusion of Strength and Weakness

An introduction to the occurrence of all tangible natural form as variable flow-form, a combination of natural strength, arising from local energy flux, and natural weakness, originating from frictionless receptive space everywhere.

Holding Openness

‘Holding Openness’ is the fundamental principle and intention of Natural Inclusionality. It offers a natural remedy for the definitive ‘Holding Closedness’ of Abstract Rationality, which brings needless human misunderstanding of one another and our place in the natural world.

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