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Some historical observations on the 2016 election debacle

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The Last Civil War of the Former United States of America, Early 21st Century

As usual, no winner, only some loser
Less bloody, starved, poisoned, and crippled ...
One gasp left a shitty tongue to boast with.

Women everywhere raped and ripped open,
Blacks, sure, Muslims, too, but also women
Of any kind who’re educated and skilled —

They were threats to ignorance and vanity,
So guns up their genitals to compensate
For pricks that will never be hard enough.

Children, those not slaughtered, bestialized
Lost not only innocence but also
The light in their eyes that alone makes good

On the promise our species might have fulfilled,
Otherwise now nothing but appetites
For murder, torture, fucking, and religion –—

“I don’t give a shit if he’s Christian or not,” *
Screamed one of the Army of the Seduced,
Sowing the Word of Hatenanity.

So America was to be great again,
Made in the image of its enemies
It had always sworn it was better than.

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R Allen Shoaf
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