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Can the repeated use of mammography be a potent factor in the dramatic rise in breast cancer?

Can the repeated use of mammography be a potent factor in the dramatic rise in breast cancer?

In recent years more and more studies have established the link of DNA damage to low-dose radiation used in mammography. The exposure and damage are cumulative meaning that each exposure increases the risk of cancer. One study reveals a 5% increase of risk with each exposure.

A new technology, Thermal Imaging, promised to be a safer alternative for many women.

Thermal Imaging technology has been around for a long time and was used by military, meteorologists, and energy efficiency specialists. The existing technology had been refined so it can be used to scan human body. It is based on the principal that anything abnormal (like breast cancer) shows first as heat and inflammation and can be picked up by ultra-sensitive infrared cameras.

The method is not intrusive; a special infrared camera positioned in front of the patient simply records the temperature of the body and processes it into the thermal scan that can be read by doctors. The process is non-invasive; there is no contact with body, and no risks.

FDA approved medical Thermal Imaging as a complimentary adjunct scanning technique to mammogram.

In the Triangle area Thermal Imaging is offered by Advanced Healthcare Solutions in Raleigh. For the new patient breast scan is done in two sessions: the initial and the follow up in 90 days for comparison. And if everything is normal the scanning is done on the annual bases.

Thermal Imaging is changing the face of existing health care system from reactive to truly preventive as it detects cellular changes before they form into tumors giving patients more time and more options.


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