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Inventor Oscar Lewis announces historic initial flight testing of the newly Patented 21st Century Smart Runway System. On December 17th, same date of first successful flight by Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, NC, testing and development will begin that could change aviation as we know it.

The Aviation Industry, launched in the 20th Century, under the aircraft invention of the Wright Brothers began with an important first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17 1903. In the spirit of that eventful date in aviation history, the ‘21st Century Smart Runway System’ initial flight testing will usher in a 2nd Century of ‘First Flight’ on December 17, 2014. Oscar Lewis, inventor and President of The Lewis Company, will begin implementing the first flight tests which is the first of three development phases to bring his patented invention to fruition.

One might think the most recent ambitious efforts of Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines) would be the next big thing but just under that radar screen is something more practical even more important to the average traveler who live through the delays and to airport managers seeking improvements to the aviation industry in general. Phasing in the patented ‘21st Century Smart Runway System’ would mean a 35 percent traffic count increase (15 additional flights per hour) using an existing runway; support over 12,000 new daily air travelers and generate $1.3 million per runway in daily revenue according to ‘independent aviation experts’. How do we know whether these results can be achieved? Simply ask Oscar! He helped engineer and build our nation’s current air traffic system. Much like the Wright Brothers, Oscar believes flight testing and system development will be necessary to prove the importance of the new runway system. Inventor Oscar Lewis claims this patent is key to modernizing runway operations for aviation growth and safety for the rest of this century. This is a system that can be built in two years instead of the traditional runway construction taking over ten years and without encroaching on surrounding communities and businesses. It is a win-win for all involved.

Phase I flight testing will evaluate and measure various types of aircraft performances and limitations when exiting off an active runway at higher speeds. While phase I continues, phase II uses collected data to introduce new surface intelligence and integrate automated system technologies. Finally, phase III introduces the Landing Exit Way Integrated System (LEWIS). The LEWIS is the Smart Runway computer system that determines the best exit solution for landing aircraft.

While the world watches and awaits initial test reports, Oscar Lewis continues to meet and work with senior US Government officials. His vision is to make the Smart Runway a priority infrastructure program for rebuilding our nation’s air transportation system and boosting economic growth.

One sure way to know the exciting potential of this landmark invention is to see it in action. On December 17th at an undisclosed location this invention will be put to the test to prove its viability and importance to the next level of flight in the aviation industry. More flights, less congestion, on time, and within budget could be an ideal scenario for those of us who travel and manage airports. What could be more important than transforming day to day air travel?

As we await an announcement by Oscar Lewis of the initial first flight test location on December 17, 2014, we shall continue to celebrate the few great men and women who dedicated their lives fulfilling the Wright Brothers dream of flight. The Smart Runway promises global impact on travel. Oscar Lewis’s invention and vision is within reach and its undeniable potential for the aviation industry is huge. God speed Oscar Lewis, in your challenges, as you usher in ‘The 21st Century Smart Runway System’ and continue to make this dream a reality for many travelers.

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