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‘Oscar Lewis, patent inventor for the 21st Century Runway is going to the marketplace. His progress to date, his partners and global potential for revenues makes him the person to watch for 2016’

Founder and President of The Lewis Company, Oscar Lewis introduces his storied US patented Smart Runway with its advanced technology to the marketplace. Just a year ago on December 17, 2014 Lewis successfully completed his ‘first flight’ Smart Runway test in commemoration of the Wright Brothers history-making day back in 1903. Lewis also envisions worldwide impact in a big way for this 21st Century! Oscar, a statesman by nature, opens up when discussing aviation and market trends at all levels. He is well aware how aviation acts as an economic engine for fueling significant growth globally.

Fortune Magazine December 2015 article covers Henry Paulson’s, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, initiative to bring US and China businessmen together for eco-friendly solutions addressing the booming housing development sector which uses 40% of China’s total energy output. Lewis’s inventive engineering, consistent with an eco-friendly impact, allows for growth without major disruptions that would normally require relocation of communities or razing of valuable land. The Smart Runway licensed design and procedures increases existing runway capacity by 35 percent, well within the present airport footprint. In general, the Smart Runway allows landing aircrafts to exit the runway at a higher speed giving air traffic control valuable time to clear departures between arrivals. The Lewis Company’s patent sets a new performance standard and is well ahead of the curve.

To ensure market success, the Lewis Company founder has assembled a core team of noted aviation professionals with influential standing worldwide. Lewis’s key strategic partners are global service providers that have current airport modernization programs with a broad and diverse international clientele.

Oscar enthusiastically talked about the Smart Runway values and the overwhelming support from industry and government agencies: U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Lewis’s decision on going to market became a no brainer.

Global investors and financial institutions will be watching the Lewis Company’s leadership more closely and how well they bring the patent to market for value and reach. Lewis is confident that once the patent begins implementation, revenue potential will be beyond measure.

The Smart Runway was engineered to be a primary component to the FAA’s NextGen initiative that manages increased air traffic demands. An initial proof of concept study showed that an existing runway redesigned to Smart Runway engineering standards would support up to 150 new takeoffs and landings and over 12,000 new daily travelers! This would generate over $1.3 million a day in new revenue for cities and airport authorities. The Smart Runway eliminates the need for airports to build costly new runways with an unknown capacity for future use upon completion. Airline profits would soar, under the Lewis system, with increased amounts of hourly flights and reduction in takeoff and landing congestion.

Already a successful business owner, the Lewis Company inventor and innovator Oscar is quietly improving air traffic and airport operations for the next hundred years! Certainly Oscar Lewis will be someone to watch in 2016. His vision has begun and will catapult him to levels of untold influence in the new economy.

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