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Global temperatures are rising more rapidly. Warming oceans are sending more water vapor into the air. Better defenses against global warming are urgently needed. Leaders of the world's superpowers must agree soon to jointly rescue the only known life in the Universe.

Facts have become undeniable. Earth is getting warmer year after year. The threat of global overheating is rising. The only known, intelligent life in the Universe is endangered by a growing “Global Energy Flow Imbalance”.

World leaders must deal with this unprecedented catastrophe soon or Earth will overheat and destroy all life on Planet Earth.

Is there still a chance for saving Earth? Why are politicians, the media, the general public, and the science community not demanding immediate countermeasures?

Probably, Earth can still be rescued. However, the required efforts are monumental. Only a concerted, international effort has a chance of succeeding in due time. And time is of the essence.

The overwhelming majority of scientists agrees that global warming is man-made and is caused primarily by the accumulation of gaseous carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Earth. This gas is also known by its chemical name CO2. It shares a distinctive physical property with other gaseous compounds; it is capable of absorbing and of emitting thermal radiation. Gases with this physical property are referred to as greenhouse gases.

CO2 and water vapor are still the most powerful greenhouse gases. But many industrial pollutants possess the same property. Their ability to absorb and emit heat is proportional to their concentration in the atmosphere and is determined by their molecular structure. At the moment, only CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere with comparative ease.

However, the amount of excessive CO2, which has been stored in the atmosphere, is enormous. Scientifically and technologically it is still possible to cleanse the atmosphere and return CO2 concentrations to their historic levels around 280 ppm (parts per million).

But after the retrieval of CO2 from the atmosphere, a new problem arises. How and where can huge amounts of CO2 be stored safely and securely?

Before answering this question, one should know, why CO2 removal and storage has become an existential issue for all people and all other life on Earth.

CO2 has the ability to block and store energy in the form of heat on Earth and is able to prevent heat from escaping into Outer Space. Outgoing thermal radiation or energy flows have become smaller than they were three centuries ago. Atmospheric CO2 accumulation has resulted in an increase of global temperatures on Earth.

This warming process will continue for decades and centuries, if all excess CO2 cannot be removed entirely.

Excessive heat storage on Earth creates another problem. When temperatures rise too much, all terrestrial life will be destroyed slowly. Sterilizing of medical equipment is one example of the lethal power of high temperatures. All forms of life will be destroyed well before sterilizing temperatures are reached.

In a soon to be published book, the details of retrieving gaseous CO2 and transforming it into solid carbon and into liquid, chemical compounds is described. CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere, can be transformed entirely into solid and liquid chemical compounds and can be used for producing clean and energy rich fuels, which can be stored in all kinds of equipment, which were used in the past for storing fossil fuels.

There are some other issues, which are not yet fully understood widely and which have been leading to the acceptance of solutions, which will greatly aggravate an already untenable situation.

Incomprehensibly, such a grave mistake was made very recently during the climate conference of the United Nations in Paris. The media informed world citizens that a unanimous agreement was reached. The consensus of thousands of delegates was hailed as a political breakthrough. Indeed, the agreement of most of the world’s nations that greenhouse gases must be controlled in coming decades, is a major, political accomplishment.

There is just one small detail, which makes the agreement an environmental disaster. Any reduction of greenhouse gas emission from fossil fuel burning does virtually nothing for ending global warming in the foreseeable future!

The implied continuation of CO2 emissions for a few more decades is putting the timely rescue of Earth from lethal overheating at risk.

Why can such a miscarriage of science still happen?

Earth can be saved by only one single measure. All excess heat, which has been stored in oceans, lands, and atmosphere on Earth, must be removed by emitting it as thermal radiation into Outer Space. This life saving and life giving feat was still doing its duty only three centuries ago.

Emitting escalating amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere of Earth changed the long wave radiation properties of the atmosphere. As the concentration of greenhouse gases increased, so did the amount of energy, which was stored as heat on Earth.

Measured, global temperature increases are the undeniable symptoms of a life threatening process, which will destroy all life on Earth eventually. If global warming cannot be reversed during the next several decades, world economies may lose their ability of cleansing the atmosphere!

Scientists must have forgotten and laypeople were not yet informed properly that the still small, global temperature increases of today will explode very soon by an unavoidable burst of greenhouse gas emissions. This eruption is caused by slowly increasing CO2 concentrations from fossil fuel burning and by the sudden, exponential increases of atmospheric water vapor concentrations.

Rapidly warming of huge patches of ocean waters and of other water surfaces will cause accelerating overheating of Earth in a feedback loop. The concentration of water vapor in the atmosphere increases exponentially with a rise of water temperatures.

World leaders must unite and must jointly fight the continuation of global warming. They need to realize that they will be unable to govern rioting people!

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