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Better Alternative Than Obama: Using Feser’s Regional Econometric Model For Promoting Regional Job Creation

Better Alternative Than Obama: Using Feser’s Regional Econometric Model For Promoting Regional Job Creation Ranked in Global Top Ten

Raleigh, N. C. The Social Science Research Network (, the world’s #1 Open Access Repository ( has cited a research article on job creation by Thomas Vass as being one of the most widely downloaded articles in the world.

According to the SSRN data released on August 29, 2011, the paper by Vass entitled, "USING FESER'S INPUT-OUTPUT MODEL OF TECHNOLOGICAL AFFINITIES TO TARGET INNOVATION INVESTMENTS TO REGIONAL INDUSTRIAL VALUE CHAINS", was listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for Microeconomics: Input-Output Tables & Analysis eJournal as being downloaded 100 times.

The full article and download statistics are available at

“In several weeks,” Vass said, “the Obama administration will release a job creation plan that calls for a centralized National Infrastructure Bank to fund public sector economic projects. I am glad that my alternative private sector job creation plan, which features de-centralized competitive private market solutions in 350 metro regions, is getting wide reception among the world’s academic community.”

Vass explained that Feser’s path-breaking econometric model has an application for targeting capital investments to the most promising industrial value chains in each metro region. “The solution to the national economic crisis,” said Vass, “is based upon technology commercialization in small firms, not in some massively centralized government spending plan.”

About Thomas Vass: Vass is an investment portfolio manager located in Raleigh, N. C. His investment advice and portfolio management strategy is based upon a business method patent issued to him in 2007. The patent is based upon an economic theory about how technology evolves called Structural Evolutionary Regional Economic Theory (SERET). For information on his portfolio management credentials and fees, please read his ADV Part II Disclosure Document.

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