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New Technology Stocks Added to TSA Portfolio: LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. LMAT Vicor Corporation VICR

New Technology Stocks Added to TSA Portfolio:

  • LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. LMAT

  • VicorCorporation VICR

Raleigh, N.C. The Technology Stock Advisor, a weekly internet newsletter covering investments in high technology stocks, initiated coverage today on two stocks. Both stocks were added to the TSA C Stock Portfolio, which means that they have more price volatility than stocks rated in the B or A portfolios.

LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets vascular devices for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease worldwide. The company provides vascular products, including balloon catheters for the removal of blood clots, occlusion, and facilitation of blood flow; carotid shunts for the facilitation of blood flow to brain during carotid plaque removal; remote endarterectomy devices for the removal of blockages in the major arteries of the leg; and valvulotomes for the destruction of vein valves to create vein bypass grafts.

Vicor Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of modular power components and power systems. It offers a range of high current density/low voltage DC-DC converters, bus converters, and individual models for regulation and transformation; configurable products that provide power solutions configured to customers’ specific needs; factorized power architecture products; and custom power solutions.

All of the stocks mentioned in the TSA Newsletter were selected based upon a 2007 stock selection and asset allocation patent issued to Thomas Vass, the investment advisor to the newsletter. The method of the patent explains what stocks to buy, the target buy price, the target sell price and the best asset allocation for an investor’s risk profile. After a stock has been selected. It is added to one of three TSA portfolios, based upon its quality rating, as provided by Standard & Poors®.

“Our patented stock screening methodology begins by searchingfor technology companies in nine high technology value chains,” said Vass.

The nine technology value chain categories being investigated by TSA are:

  1. Chemicals
  2. Precision Instruments
  3. Engine Equipment
  4. Computer and Electronic Equipment
  5. Information Services
  6. Pharmaceuticals
  7. Fertilizer and Chemical Products
  8. Industrial Machinery and Distribution Equipment
  9. Aerospace

“As a result of their production relationships within these clusters, we suspect that Vicor Corporation and LeMaitre Vascular are prime candidates for product innovation,” said Vass. “As a result of their product innovation today, we suspect that new markets may evolve for their products in the future that may have the potential for causing their stock price appreciation,” he said.

Investment Disclosure: The past performance of an investment is no guarantee of future performance. All investments bear risk of loss of principal invested. There are no guarantees related to investing. Please visit the TSA website and read our ADV Part II disclosure document for information about our investment management fees.

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