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Fragment of Writing Discovered in the Rubble of Washington, DC, Dating from the “Age of Greed,” 21st Century by the Old Reckoning

The hand is an unsteady cursive. The scrap of paper seems standard copy-paper stock, like other samples we have analyzed, measuring four inches wide by just under three inches high, torn raggedly down the right-hand side, upper middle right to lower left, no apparent path to the tear. The ink is likely from a “ball-point” pen (?), faded but still dark in spots. Water stains suggest that the paper may have been wet through but crumpled at the time so that ink color is variable. No identifying marks of any sort have been isolated, as of this writing, at least. Photographs are not yet available.

Apparent lines are marked with simple ellipses … . Conjectures for partial lacunae are included inside [ ] and italicized. Missing words are conjectured in boldface in the right-hand margin; these words are only conjectures. The search continues in the area for other fragments, which may shed further light.

Resources and equipment for proper archeology continue to be scarce or strained. Still, we are committed to preserving and studying every fragment discovered, in the hope of better understanding the condition of Gaia before the RUIN.


T[hey] hurled hand-axes […] at each other

Ser[iously wound]ed a[nd …] ?*
He dropped to one knee before they rea[ched] him
Drew his boot k[nife] out, s[lit] his wrists, then his […] neck
They were […] late to wipe the [smi]le [off his f]ace too
They […] his body every […] savaged, way they could
But nothing they did could […] the smile erase
[…] beheading even
[fragment torn here]

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