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... we’re primitive / Beyond what research had suggested we’d be ...

Do We Only Know What Only We Know?

Say GXökG1 paid us a visit from RYLXX 2
Photonic warp transport over light years
Pushing the future ahead to arrive
In our When not yet universally tuned …
Would GXökG find us mute and earth distressed?
GXökG would record our deficit in K’ i Mes3
Walking among us unseen and unhappy
Since so many K’ i Mes mean we’re primitive
Beyond what research had suggested we’d be —
Our species still unable to know itself.

1 Approximate pronunciation in American English: guh-zairk-guh

2 Approximate pronunciation in American English: r-aiai-lee-zeezee

3 Approximate pronunciation in American English: ku-ah-ai-mmm-eses

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