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The wages of division is death.The wages of individuation is freedom (above all, freedom to die). The wages of totalizing is slavery (with no option to die other than the master's caprice).

Where Once We Were Free?

All seasons pass and they never return:
Such a simple lesson so hard to learn.
We believe we know who we are, even why,
Then, in a heartbeat, all we do is cry.

The stories we tell ourselves betray us
We so naively hope they'll repay us.
We fill our lives with envy and hatred,
Then pretend we worship something sacred.

Very few have the courage or strength
To follow the path its tortuous length.
Sooner or later most stop at some belief
And deceive themselves it offers relief.

We understand, though our spirit fail us,
Helping others will alone avail us
Of the help we ourselves need but disdain
Because we're too proud to admit our pain.

And so we kill and kill and kill each other
And spit on the code to live each as brother.
What use then the sacrifice of this Nazarene
Since we’re so in love with hatred this obscene?

Go now, watch these words burn on bloody tongues
In savage heads that breathe from monsters' lungs
To scorch our homeland, where once we were free,
Until nothing remains but greed and greed ...

And machines to program PR fictions
That blind the many with contradictions
So the few can luxure without concern
That the seasons pass and never return.
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R Allen Shoaf
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