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The unguarded joy of small children playing in a lawn sprinkler evokes a desire in an adult observer to feel that same joy and innocence.


Small and toasted:

Noble fragments

Bounding through the diamond drops-

Spin ‘round and 'round

Again and again;

Make me feel your laughter.

Count to ten

Missing one and seven;

Hold tiny hands

Before your eyes,

“Here I come you ole wet water,”

And jump the sprinkler

High and wide.

Tell me how it’s done:

“Just Like this

Just like that

And see....”

Pause in your flight

Around and around

To soak my hand

And squeeze it.

Buzz and buzz by me

Tweaking my nose,

Tipping my life

In the brush

Of your toes.

“I’m hungry-

Thirsty, too.

I’ll turn it off;

Let’s go in.”

I wrap the towels,

Open the door,

Watch the footprints spreading;

Then silently shadow the hose

To end

The water’s dripping.

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Teddy K Makarow
Teddy Makarow, owner of Greenwise Home, earned her undergraduate degree in English at UNCG and her M.Ed. at UNCC. She taught English and Wr

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