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"Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum" -- so great the evils religion can talk men into ... Lucretius, DE RERUM NATURA, Book 1

The Beast in Us

Every –ism ends in a schism no one
Can remember the origin of to save his soul,
Since if he did he would have to concede
His soul is source of both –ism and schism,
Just another name for selfishness, pride.

It takes one helluva lover to bear a “soul,”
Someone who can say, I am stronger than hate,
I will not let it hurt the beast in me,
Which faithfully serves my body and blood
To live in peace with what it can’t transcend,

Obeying the vision that schooled it to hunt
For the good of all and not just itself,
Raising shelters where loneliness threatened
But couldn’t overcome the joy of touch
Free of violence and full of knowledge.

Now it knows only torture, hunger, and dread
Amassed by –isms to yoke its power
To evils it blindly lashes out at
As they scissor its senses, raw, spasming,
No direction home, long since sepulchered

In tombs of “soul” where fear turns into hate
The righteous exploit with piety’s lies
In panting lust for the day when the beast
Once again has only jungle to call its home
And spills its blood to anoint their vengeful screed. to Shut Down Permanently on December 31, 2017

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