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On having recently undergone open-heart surgery to repair an ascending aortic aneurysm (a frequently mortal development in aging bodies)
Signs He Doesn’t Understand

Signs He Doesn’t Understand

Things there are that well up inside you
You think are your thoughts, but what if they are
Your body beseeching translation, instead?

History, not to mention life itself,
Gives the lie to our dualisms—tawdry,
They are all cheap, lazy substitutes.

Real humanity lies in the fiction
Of many names unity is inword
And fails when one abandons another.

Peace sans pieces is tyranny’s delusion
One language is enough to master life
When any fool knows he hears tongues of truths

He will never convey to those he loves
Even as his body tries to tell him
Feelings are signs he doesn’t understand.

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R Allen Shoaf
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