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Quantum mechanics brings probability to the heart of the evolution of things. Carlo Rovelli

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America’s Pastime, a Quantum Perspective

for Peter Brav

Up to bat comes a guy in his thirties,
Journeyman called up to plug fielding gaps,
Happy to be batting in a playoff game
(He’d stopped expecting it long ago).
It’s the ninth and the billionaire’s hurler
Is delivering heat, nothing but heat,
But he sees the ball off the platinum arm
And stays just behind it till the moment
Physics (and years of swatting) tell him, Now!
Launches it 400 feet ... the game’s over.
Millions of kids, boys and girls alike,
Dream of luck billionaires are salivating
To eradicate from life as well as sport
Since both now are nothing but big business,
Colluding with tyranny to fix the game
For the few, the many be damned (“Let ’em eat cake,”
Says “America Antoinette,” bitch that she is),
Ignorant as they murder their millions
That luck quarks more than money can buy ...
Electrons randomly power the wave
That nothing can change but nothing itself.
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R Allen Shoaf
EROTIC RECKONINGS, my second volume of poetry, can now be purchased from New Plains Press or from Amazon. My third volume, PIED-PIPER PHILOL

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