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Aug. 25, 2016 11:21 am
In her book 'Darwin's Ghosts: The Secret history of evolution' Rebecca Stott (2013) coined the ludicrous and easily disproven fallacy that Patrick Matthew was content with Darwin's acceptance of his priority for first conceiving the hypothesis of macro evolution by natural selection. The reality is that Matthew went to his unmarked grave fighting for recognition (see Sutton 2014 for the...  Read More
Aug. 25, 2016 12:22 am
Ben Carson, Lucifer, Saul Alinsky, And Hillary Clinton by Ralph Benko Saul Alinsky remains the man the right perennially most loves to hate. Somewhere in Heaven — or Hell — Alinsky’s surely enjoying a fine laugh. Dr. Ben Carson, in his speech before the GOP Convention , departed from his prepared remarks. He extemporaneously added a riff on Saul Alinsky. He debuted this right wing...  Read More
Aug. 23, 2016 10:29 am
My friend Carol Jenkins, a board member of the Equal Rights Amendment Coalition was updating me over lunch about the current attempt to get the ERA into the U.S. Constitution. “This is where I came in,” I said. The renewed effort, founded in 2014, comes almost a century after suffragist leader Alice Paul drafted the ERA in 1923. The language is simple : “Equality of rights under the...  Read More
Aug. 22, 2016 7:52 am
The 2016 Fact Wedgie Award. Science Category Winner: The Royal Society. For failure to accept the new and paradigm busting facts (Sutton, 2014 and 2016 ), which have been discovered in the history of discovery of natural selection, the annual Fact-Wedgie Award - for being most wedgied by new and uncomfortably embarrassing facts - goes to the Royal Society. Please act against...  Read More
Aug. 22, 2016 2:54 am
Use Recordings to represent 50 As per day for each of the following categories: Diseases to Prevent Infectious and parasitic lower respiratory tract infections I shaped the clay, I washed my hands. v50A Diarrhea I washed the orange, I segmented the orange. v50A AIDS I used the condom, I was safe. v50A ...  Read More
Aug. 22, 2016 2:52 am
Use Recordings to represent 50 As per day of the following course. Abrahamic (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Bahááá'í Faith) Indian (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism) Chinese (Chinese folk religion, Taoism) Japanese (Shinto, Tenriism) Korean (Korean shamanism, Cheondoism) Vietnamese (Caodaism, Hoahaoism) Christianity I like heavy thoughts. I am heavy. V50As ...  Read More
Aug. 21, 2016 1:50 pm
The term "smoking gun" is generally held to mean an item of of incontrovertible incriminating evidence. My 19th edition of Brewer's Phrase and Fable (2012. p.1253) explains: 'The phrase acquired a particularly apt association with the widely diverging views, before, during and after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 about whether Saddam Hussain still possessed WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Their...  Read More
Aug. 19, 2016 11:01 am
Welcome to the first of four posts that explore the interconnection between design thinking and the TLS Continuum. It is a dynamic way to understand your customer and your customer’s expectations. This first installment is critical to the success of the process improvement effort since we need to understand the problem in its basic manifestation. We begin this journey by understanding that the...  Read More
Aug. 18, 2016 12:12 pm
This Wall Street Journal article explores how PokémonGo and other mobile gaming apps "have mastered techniques for coaxing mobile-game players to make in-app purchases." This provides some crucial lessons about the future of marketing in general -- and the case for the new FairPay strategy in particular. Here are some very interesting points about ways to get consumers to happily spend money...  Read More
Aug. 18, 2016 8:29 am
Pedagogy: Breason out 2*15 As to become a Pedagogue and breason out 2*15 As to become Recording Producer Medicine: Stay sane Meditation: Stay healthy Computational English: Become a Creative Philosopher Economics: Feel comfortable doing things on the Recording Side See Free Online Courses .  Read More
Aug. 17, 2016 4:24 pm
A number of rumors are now floating about regarding Hillary's ambitions to "harmonized" the United States with her - and Obama's - shared vision of what is necessary to level the "playing field" for those that were historically disenfranchised by those whom have been "life's lottery winners..." This list is not complete (thus there may be other rumored goals subsequently added, as such rumors are...  Read More
Aug. 17, 2016 3:11 pm
Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words and I think the one shared above (thanks to Kathleen Schaefer and A.W. Tozer) may be worth millions, at least to me. I spend a good deal of my consulting practice, and indeed my career, in coaching people and organizations towards what we call employee engagement. I know that engagement has its detractors, but I think that the data on...  Read More
Aug. 17, 2016 8:04 am
I came across the name Allan Cunningham in connection with plant discoveries in Australia from 1791 to 1836 and with his untimely death went an unfinished account of the flora of New Zealand. The reason for my writing this blog then is that whilst out in Australia and New Zealand as King's Collector for Kew Gardens in early 1900s, Allan Cunningham had trouble with Curtis’ Botanical Magazine...  Read More
Aug. 17, 2016 2:21 am
Donald Trump has been quoted as saying, “My father taught me everything I know.” Donald inherited not only Fred Trump’s real estate empire and his brash style of hucksterism, he also may have learned racism at his father’s knee. Woody Guthrie, the folk singer extraordinaire who sang musical indictments of social injustice, wrote lyrics condemning Fred Trump’s racism. Guthrie lived in a Trump...  Read More
Aug. 15, 2016 3:23 am
In response to a surge of Central Americans crossing the U.S. southern border, the Obama administration decided to build a massive detention center in Texas a couple of years ago. According to a report in the Washington Post, the administration bypassed the standard public bidding process and awarded a sweet deal to a private prison contractor to build a detention facility — actually, more like...  Read More
Aug. 14, 2016 7:57 pm
I am writing to put forward the proposal for the establishment of an organisation for rewarding Australian writers with royalties in return for website visits, etc., similar to the royalty system for musicians by the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA). Publishers - independent and multinational When multinational and independent publishers reproduce original...  Read More
Aug. 14, 2016 7:54 pm
I have written extensively in this blog series about the power of the TLS Continuum in your organization. Like most of you I read the professional media and books to stay on top of what is going on in our industry. Every now and then you come across a concept which changes your whole focus or makes your mind run a mile a minute. I have just such a concept in two things I have read recently. The...  Read More
Aug. 13, 2016 8:52 am
Interestingly, those who discover paradigm changing and independently verifiable new data are often portrayed by desperately biased scholars, with vested career and in-group establishment interests in the old but newly myth-punctured paradigm, as cranks. But, with painful irony, the real cranks are those who let their bias interfere with their critical reasoning. Dr Arlin Stoltzfus, referring to...  Read More
Aug. 13, 2016 4:25 am
As different on a narrative and other levels as they are, two of Paolo Sorrentino's most well-known films, his Academy Award winning (for Best Foreign Language Picture) The Great Beauty (2013) and Il Divo (2008) comprise a complementary vision. Early in the first film 65-year-old Jeb Gambardella is seen living it up in style at a party held to commemorate his birthday. He is no stranger to...  Read More
Aug. 12, 2016 7:45 pm
One should meet professional requirements for publishing by breasoning out each sentence and a reason for it, then finding a “blue” 10-breasoning disagreement A with the reason, another “blue” 10-breasoning disagreement A with this A and a “red” 10-breasoning agreement-with-the-original-reason A with the previous A. The diagram shows the structure of the reasons for the sentence, with the...  Read More
Aug. 12, 2016 7:29 pm
To research a line of text well, list references to the line and comments agreeing with it in one column and comments disagreeing with it in another column. To find instances of the text, Google “free plagiarism checker” and enter the paragraph of text. Alternatively, search for the line of text in quotes directly in Google. You can enter queries with “” before the quote in the...  Read More
Aug. 12, 2016 7:28 pm
1. Give As innately Instead of praying for As (80%) for essays, I can create them myself because of skills I gained from writing 100 As in my Masters, and knowing the "invisible rules" from organising a Uni club and being given As for being considered for being in the newspaper. The ability to create As is also known as recording making a.bility. I wrote 100 breasoned 80 breasoning As in...  Read More
Aug. 11, 2016 3:18 pm
Donald Trump told the “Second Amendment people” the other day that maybe there is something they can do to prevent Hillary Clinton from appointing judges. Trump’s poll numbers are dropping like lead in a shot tower, so maybe he doesn’t mean by electing him. What on Earth could that something be? A Trump advisor has suggested that Hillary should be put up in front of a firing squad. Followers...  Read More
Aug. 11, 2016 11:14 am
What does it mean to "turn bad"? "Bad" after all is a word that has been re-assigned by street-culture have the opposite-to-old meaning. Is it OK today for scientists to adopt the culture of the street? To become effectively "gangsta-ists" or "sciencesters"? Who knows? Anyway, Dr George Beccaloni, a biologist, and curator of the Wallace Collection at the Natural History Museum, London, is very...  Read More
Aug. 10, 2016 12:42 pm
Catholic Church attendance in the New Castle area dropped by 24% (2011-2015), according to the Saint Camillus 07/10/16 bulletin, and yet the area population has decreased by only 2% over the same period - reference the same bulletin. Generally, the Roman Catholic Church in the United States is experiencing, and has been experiencing similar declines in attendance for years, but the decline has...  Read More
Aug. 9, 2016 2:00 am
Like the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes carrying a lamp and searching for an honest man, many Americans are looking for an honest candidate. Bernie Sanders might have filled the bill, but he has ended his campaign. That leaves us with Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump is viewed by his followers as a truth-teller, although he is actually an accomplished liar. He lies compulsively —...  Read More
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