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George Schlukbier
Internet entrepreneur. A digital pioneer who as first mover in the Internet news marketplace built NandO and Total Sports creating unique p

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ESPN Perfume for Men

I stopped traveling by plane in 2010. It was no loss because I have been flying regularly for about 14 years and I just don't miss the hassle. Business travel is not very good and personal travel is, in my opinion, much better by car or train. So, I found myself in the sad realization that my bonus...

Ebook Antitrust Settlement Still No Win for Readers or Writers

The problem with this DOJ (department of justice) suit is that it really does not address the fundamental problems with publishing. Amazon can coerce publishers to price books according to their dominant marketing position. If a publisher prices a book on Amazon between $2.99 to $9.99 it will...

The Daily Book

I do recall when I was first interviewing for a job as Chief Librarian for The Sacramento Bee I flew out to Northern California and arrived in the evening. My first dinner was with my good friend and still friend Peter Haugen and his boss Scott Lebar. It was a very good drunk as I recall and the...

Newspaper Death Watch

Dis-intermediate the newspaper from the information, (search and news) and you have generations of readers that have forgotten why newspapers should be part of their daily life. So how do we change and make the newspaper part of their search for information? Give our kids access to the archive.

Digital Storage: The One Hundred Year Archive

Future researchers may refer to the beginning of the Internet as the Dark Ages. Just because its digital doesn't mean it will be preserved. In fact most of the early websites are lost. We need a digital preservation program adopted by the commercial product developers to ensure our future.

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