No Worries, We Are NOT Vulnerable To The OpenSSL Bug

We do not use OpenSSL here at or No need to worry or change passwords here because of the widely-publicized Heartbleed Bug. We have suffered two short outages recently presumably because much of the Internet transport infrastructure does rely on OpenSSL and they have been updating their systems.

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Dale Furtwengler helps businesses get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. His book, Pricing for Pr

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Pricing Lessons from the 2014 Corvette

Many business owners believe that low prices increase demand. Then how do you explain this announcement in Torque News, GM Raises 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Pricing to Ease Demand ? The demand is so great that there’s a year-long waiting list. How can that be? The base price of the 2014...

Customers Request Cheaper Alternative

Within a matter of days I heard of two companies whose customers requested a cheaper alternative. One was Microsoft. It reported that “Lot of people asked for better deals on our digital marketplace [Xbox One games].” The second, a colleague, who said that his customers had asked for a less...

Pricing Tips from the Oracle of Omaha

The following quote appeared in an Andrew Frye and Dakin Campbell, February 17, 2011 Bloomberg article ‘Buffett Says Pricing Power More Important Than Good Management.’ “The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power,” Buffett told the Financial Crisis Inquiry...

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