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Dale Furtwengler
Dale Furtwengler helps businesses get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. His book, Pricing for Pr

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Price Wars: Market Saturation or Innovation Implosion?

The telecom industry is embarking upon a price war as noted in a recent Barron’s article, Verizon Offers Best Value to Investors Amid Telecom Price Wars . Typically price wars begin because the companies in an industry are experiencing slowing revenue growth. The question is ‘Why are those growth...

Price Competition: Google versus Amazon

An October 2, 2014 Barron’s blog cites Google’s aggressive price cutting strategy on its cloud computing services and the risk that poses for Amazon. The article brought to mind yet another reason why low-price strategies are ill-fated. There’s no margin left to cut. As has been reported in a...

Farmers brand to protect margins

ABC News reported that farmers in western Australia are branding their produce to avoid having them commoditized by supermarket chains. Damien Rigali, lettuce grower, said “If I had headed down the same path that most people head down, I would’ve found myself going backwards in the next five...

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