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Dale Furtwengler helps businesses get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. His book, Pricing for Pr

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Customers Build Brands?

A March 5, 2014 Forbes article, The Psychology and Philosophy of Branding, Marketing, Needs and Actions , says “Customers build brands, not companies.” Really? Flawed logic While I agree with the author’s premise that lessons learned from Maslow and Aristotle about human behavior can...

Your Price is Too High!

These words strike fear into the hearts of CEOs and salespeople like no others. The reality is that this is the one statement we should long to hear. Why? Because it opens the door to negotiation. Now if you’re not an experienced negotiator I suggest that you take some classes, read some books, do...

Recapturing Lost Revenues?

A group of small to mid-sized business owners were in the audience seated at tables of eight. I assigned one exercise. I gave each of them two minutes to tell their table mates something they did for their customers for which they didn’t charge. Their colleagues were charged with telling them what...

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