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Enelda Butler
Enelda Butler has studied at UNC-Chapel Hill and the University of Alabama. She's interested in public relations, especially in the nonprofi

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The Psychology of Oversharing

As social media usage continues to rise around the world, many people are using this technology to share more information about themselves with others. In 2011, the New York Times commissioned a research study called the "Psychology of Sharing" to examine how and why people share through...

The Power of Viral Political Ads

In September 2011, a campaign advertisement for Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain became an internet phenomenon. The ad, which prominently featured Cain's campaign manager smoking a cigarette, received attention for its unusual subject matter and has accumulated more than one...

Occupy Wall Street and the History of Leaderless Movements

Beginning in September 2011, a group of protesters started a movement called Occupy Wall Street in opposition to corporate greed and economic inequality in the United States. Since then, these protests have spread across the country and the world. In addition, these groups are protesting...

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