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Antwuan Malone
Antwuan Malone
I am a Christian author and blogger at Candid Christianity ( In my writing, I challenge conventional Christian thoughts and ethics to represent a more real and authentic love experience from God and his children.
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i'm engaged!

Mar. 15, 2012 10:49 am
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she said yes!

if you''ve been following on facebook, twitter, google+ or any other venue, then first off, thank you for your kind audience. That also means that you know about the big news!

i'm getting married to the love of my life!

i admit i'm still in a bit of a shock... which is weird because i've been ready to pop the question for several months. i thought it'd just go back to normal. no biggie. but no... with each passing day i'm a little more excited than the day before. which is surprising (in a good way) since most of the time i don't get very excited about things... even big things.

it was all made official last sunday, when i proposed to her after church service. i really wanted it to be special, so we put some bad singing together with roses in front of our church, and surprised her! i did the singing (poor folks' ears) and, despite all that, she still said yes! if you care to see the video, it's on my youtube channel.

so now comes a bunch of decisions to make about weddings and receptions and bubbles and rice, and gowns and food and... whew! we've both been married before, so we're leaning toward something small and quaint. and at the same time, we both want to include as many people as we can. oh well, decisions, decisions.

anyway, whatever we decide it'll be perfect, because we'll be together. what more could i ask for than that!


Say Hello! to my Lisa... you'll be hearing much more from her soon!

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