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Roger P Worthington

Roger P Worthington

PhD from State University of New York at Buffalo (Philosophy). Medical educator and policy consultant, based in the UK. Faculty (adjunct) at Yale University School of Medicine. Research interests: medical education, with a focus on ethics, professionalism and health policy.

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Dr Roger Worthington

Assistant (Adjunct) Professor of Medicine at Yale University, USA (General Internal Medicine), and consultant adviser on workforce development at the Ministry of Health, New Zealand. Based in London (UK). Former Healthcare Law and Ethics Lead at Keele University School of Medicine, UK, and former adviser on standards and ethics at the General Medical Council (UK). His recent book (co-authored with Professor Richard Hays, University of Tasmania, Australia), Practical Professionalism in Medicine, includes case studies from countries around the world and discusses approaches to dealing with poor standards of professionalism. In addition to his professional interests, Roger has a lifelong interest in classical Indian philosophy.

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