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Roger P Worthington

Roger P Worthington

Medical educator and policy consultant based in London (UK). PhD from State University of New York at Buffalo (Philosophy). Faculty (adjunct) at Yale University School of Medicine. Research interests: medical education, with a focus on ethics, professionalism and health policy.

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Dr Roger Worthington

Independent consultant on medical education (London, UK); Assistant (Adjunct) Professor of Medicine, Yale University, USA (General Internal Medicine). Formerly, consultant adviser, Workforce Development, Ministry of Health, New Zealand; Healthcare law and ethics lead, Keele University School of Medicine, UK, and consultant adviser on standards and ethics, General Medical Council (UK). Recent publications include Practical Professionalism in Medicine: A global case-based workbook (co-author, Prof R. Hays) Radcliffe, 2013; Appraising the profile of ethics, law and professionalism in basic medical education. Investigación en Educación Médica, 2014, and essays in the Encyclopedia of Bioethics (Macmillan Reference, 2014). Roger also has a long-term interest in classical Indian philosophy and culture, authoring various books and articles.

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