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Roger P Hamburg
Roger P Hamburg
PhD U of Wisconsin, political science 1965 specialize in American foreign and military policy Soviet and now Russian politics and foreign policy. Military service: Army. New specialties Central Asia, global economics. A.M. Chicago, 1958, A.B. Michigan 1956 Post Doc Harvard 1982-83 Welch Fellow Cris


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Apr. 27, 2010 3:13 pm
I went to Indiana University and then transferred to Michigan where I got my 1956. I started law school at Chicago in the fall of 1956 but didn’t like it, so I worked in the Chicago downtown post office that December. I started the A.M. program in January 1957, but the draft got after me. I tried to enlist in the Reserves first, but they froze enlistments. I then barely beat the induction...  Read More
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