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Dave S Morse
Dave S Morse
I've completed a Masters of Management in Public Administration at the University of Phoenix and am seeking to enter the field of social and/or environmental justice from the field of education. I am a strong social-justice advocate who has had letters to the editor published in the NY Times etc.


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A Future Perfect Storm

Jan. 28, 2012 2:07 am

We are Creating a Future “Perfect Storm”

This may sound harsh, but states around the country, including California where I live, are greatly devaluing public education and are thereby creating a future “perfect storm” of more and more untrained people, higher unemployment, declining tax revenues, decreasing social services, higher crime rates, and a certain future decline in the quality of life nationwide, which, even now, is starting to occur.

A County’s Economic Competitiveness is Driven by the Quality of Its Workforce

In the county in California where my wife and I reside, for example, there are three community colleges which are taking draconian budget/program cuts including accounting, business, computer-information courses, among others, which are so crucial to the provision of a well trained workforce so vital to the competitiveness of the County statewide, nationally, and globally. If companies, over time, cannot recruit and hire a sufficient number of well-trained people to meet their staffing needs, they will start “packing their bags” and moving to other counties or even other states, which would have devastating economic and social consequences.

“We Must Hang Together or We Will Hang Separately”

Strong collaborative efforts by a wide range of private, public, non-profit, and education stakeholders will be required to generate effective “out of the box solutions” to California’s public-education funding crisis. In states around the country, as well, this will have to take place to ensure adequately trained workforces in the increasingly competitive international and rapidly digitalizing economy of the 21st century.

Failure to Fund Public Education Now Will Force Companies to Pay Later

This is will become a gargantuan issue in the field of HRM if companies and other organizations, in increasing measure, have to “take up the slack” in terms of training people to be job ready when K-16 schools are not funded at an adequate enough level to do so. We can only “do more with less” to a certain extent.

The Alternative is Chilling

In sum, as a nation, if we want a sustainable world-class economy we have to pay for the educational/training infrastructure required to make it a reality. It will require the dint of hard work, amazing levels of collaboration, lots of money, huge amounts of creativity, and the unrelenting commitment of all Americans to make it happen. The alternative is chilling and is not worthy of us as a people, in my judgment.

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