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Mike Samii
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Feng Shui House - How Your Environment Can Effect Your Mind?

Jan. 14, 2010 11:16 pm
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Imagine walking into your house, and you see an entrance and a doorway that is clear and clean with a designer doormat that says welcome and a pleasant breeze blowing through a wind chime that is hanging close to the entry and making relaxing sound...

Now, you are inside the house and you see your spacious living room with beautiful, shinny and sparkling clean hard wood floor, coloful furniture and inspiring aesthetic paintings hanging all around the room...

Then you find yourself in the dining room that has long mahogany table surrounded by stylish chairs and an attractive vase positioned in the middle of the table full of flowers...

Gradually, you find yourself in the kitchen, that is inviting and equipped with all the necessary quality kitchenware and a large multi-functional stainless steel stove that is the dream of every cook, and an organize pantry full of food and spices and a refrigerator full of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and juices...

You now walk into your large, comfortable and clear master bedroom decorated with romantic and pleasing paintings...

How do you feel so far? I can imagine!

Now, what if all of this weren't true, and you came into a house that was cluttered, smelly and untidy? A dining room table with papers and bills piled up all over it, a kitchen full of dirty dishes and a stove that was broken, must I go on?

Well, which one would make you feel good and which one depresses you?

If imagining what I just described to you can have such an effect on your mind, just imagine if you experienced it everyday for real, what it could do to your mind?

That is what you might know as Feng Shui!

Yes, my friend, your environment can have a profound effect on your mind! So, you choose what environment you want to experience everyday! Find out how you can change your environment and attract prosperity, better health, relationship and wisdomto your life, by visiting This is the life you and everyone around you deserves to live!

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