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Marina Lando
Marina Lando
Marina Lando, MS, RM, 1059 CRP, the owner of Harmony Life, practices Reiki and aromatherapy. She is a president of Healthy Connections Professional Club and Publication and a member of American Holistic Health Association.


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How to choose a Reiki Teacher?

Aug. 9, 2010 4:57 pm
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Check qualifications and ask for certificate:

1. Only a Reiki Master can teach classes and do attunements2. It takes time to become a Reiki Master. Nobody can learn to become a Reiki Master in one weekend3. It takes a Reiki Master to teach a Reiki Master. Nobody can learn Reiki by watching DVD or receiving on-line/distant “attunement”4. In Japan only practicing Reiki Master can get permission to teach a class. There are no such requirements in the USA. But if you plan to use Reiki a lot, you might want somebody with experience to guide you.

What you should look for?

Reiki I class (approximately ten hours long) must have the following components:

* 4 attunements* At least two hours must pass between attunements* Information about: history, changes, basic anatomy, basic Chakra information, application, hand positions for self-treatment and to treat others, hands-on practice, Reiki meditation (Gassho), scanning technique

At least twenty one day must pass between Reiki I and Reiki II classes.

Reiki II class (approximately eight hours long) must have the following components:

* 2 attunements* At least two hours must pass between attunements* Three Reiki symbols: to turn-on the energy, to send energy over the great distance, “telepathy” symbol

It is recommended to practice at Reiki II level for months to develop all the techniques. Reiki Master training must have the following components:

* Master symbols* How to do attunements: Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master* Master meditations and breathing techniques

Reiki is just a tool. It takes time to learn the clinical application. Reiki can be used in combination with essential oils. Reiki can be applied to chakras (main and secondary) and auras, to marma points, to meridians. There are many fascinating techniques to be learned on your journey.

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