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Marina Lando
Marina Lando
Marina Lando, MS, RM, 1059 CRP, the owner of Harmony Life, practices Reiki and aromatherapy. She is a president of Healthy Connections Professional Club and Publication and a member of American Holistic Health Association.


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Jan. 25, 2012 4:46 pm
Enjoy this holistic services from our trusted partners: Holistic Facial from Joi Harrison, CIDESCO Aesthetician and Cosmetic Artist Massage (Oncology Massage) from Holly Menard, Registered Nurse, LMBT #1068 Kinesiology, Touch for Health and Reiki from Valerie Remhoff Scientific Hand Analysis and Coaching from Marlene Clay, certified life coach Wellness Consultation – Jill Dunn ...  Read More
Jan. 11, 2012 6:58 pm
Raindrop, the aromatherapy session, was developed by naturopathic doctor to assist clients who require frequent chiropractic adjustment. The idea to apply essential oils along the spine came to him after realization that sometimes structural misalignment might be caused not just by structural damage but also by infections and inflammations along the spine What is a Raindrop Session? It...  Read More
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