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DovBer Pinson

DovBer Pinson

Rav DovBer Pinson is a world renowned author, lecturer, kabbalist and teacher. A scholar of philosophy, Talmud, law, and mysticism. He is the dean of the IYYUN Yeshiva, and the Rabbi at the IYYUN synagogue in Brownstone Brookly, NY. He has published 10 books on Kabbalah and Jewish Spirituality
What we want to know is, will we--who we are now--exist eternally and individually? And if so, how?
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Afterlife & The Present...
This is the most essential of all existential issues. To begin to discover who we are, let us start by examining that...
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Who Are We? Understandi...

New Book Exposes Darwin's Greatest Secret

In his new book Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s Greatest Secret, Thinker Mike Sutton reveals in compelling and convincing detail that the theory of natural selection was not independently discovered by Charles Darwin.

Sutton’s sharp objective eye of the criminal investigator and academic creates a vivid and authentic depiction of the times, the characters, and the cover-up that endured for over 130 years – until now.

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