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Stephen Joseph Powell

Stephen Joseph Powell

Former US negotiator of trade and fisheries agreements and chief counsel of a large division of the US Department of Commerce implementing federal trade laws. In my second career, I teach and research international trade law and the effect of trade agreements on human rights.

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Prof Powell runs the University of Florida College of Law's Int’l Trade Law Program, teaches trade law courses, and serves on trade dispute panels. Powell was for 17 years principal legal advisor on trade remedy laws (subsidies and dumping) as Chief Counsel for the US Import Administration and for 10 years served as Asst GC in NOAA, the US oceans agency. He began his legal career as a U.S. Air Force JAG Capt. Powell has 30 years of experience in drafting, implementing, and teaching trade and environmental laws and in litigating these laws and their treaty antecedents before federal courts and dispute panels under NAFTA and WTO. Steve negotiated treaties to deter govt. subsidies and unfair private pricing practices, including the NAFTA. He served as lead U.S. negotiator in Free Trade Area of the Americas talks on trade remedies. Powell has centered his academic scholarship on trade’s linkages with worker rights and other human rights laws, culminating in his NYU Press book on JUST TRADE, written with int’l law expert Berta Hernandez-Truyol, which reflects their pooled wisdom on concrete measures to draw on trade's vast power to enhance human well-being along with world economic welfare.

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