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David Husnian

David Husnian

The "honest marketer", an oxymoron? Not in this case :-) I believe marketing, truth and integrity can all be used in the same sentence. Doing just that I have taken my monthly income and turned into my weekly income... (daily is next!)

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David, that’s me, is an ex-tennis player, ex-computer industry consultant (everything from lowly computer programmer to “big shot” project software architect and manager of multi-million dollar projects for REALLY big companies).

Also a former speaker, trainer and writer (with aspirations to do it again) he (why am I speaking in third person, time to stop that) finally got tired of the politics, waste and plain foolishness that is pervasive in the corporate world and is now an Internet Marketer.

I saw the problems every day and decided to “just say no”.

My Internet Marketing focus is on what I believe to be most important: traffic (targeted-only, please!), copywriting, conversions, list building, and quality products and customer service.

This focus was after much “study” (meaning making lots of mistakes and then finally listening to people who actually know what they are doing).

The will be more and the best is yet to come…

Setting Expectations

Most of the (hard earned) money I’ve made online has been via resell rights products so I understand some of the challenges, the needs and the wants of those trying to scratch out a living (or hopefully better!) using resell rights products.

So this will be a place where we (note the word “we”) talk about all about resell rights but from the “street level”; that level far below the million dollar days.

Our level is the place where we are working, every day, earning a buck (or trying to at least).

Some days we earn more and some days less but we’re there doing (like Yoda said there is only “do” there is no “try”).

What You Can Expect From Me

Those who know me know that I value honesty and directness. Good or bad, neither you or I will get very far if we don’t be honest with ourselves, if no one else.

That is what you will find here.

You can also expect me to sometimes offer things to you to buy but only things that I think can make a difference.

I may do this frequently but it won’t be in an in-your-face manner.

I do admit that I admire Frank Kern just being able to say “Just Buy My Shit” and not only get away with it but have people actually do it. A testament to his marketing skills and to the quality of his products.

You can be sure I will frequently give you things for free (see below for your first gift!)

Expect also news, tips, reviews, commentary and just about anything else that strikes my fancy.

I don’t plan to waste your time but I won’t be sticking to one topic or one method of delivery; however, it all will somehow (at least in my mind) be related to using and profiting from resell rights products.

Most of all, over the months, you should learn a lot about resell right products, particularly finding, using and profiting from them.

I hope you are entertained as well but that, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

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