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Teofilo Redondo Pastor
Teofilo Redondo Pastor
Linguistics Graduate, Artificial Intelligence systems development with a focus on Natural Language Processing. Experience in Software Development and Enterprise Software Systems. Infrastructure Architect for SAP and Oracle Applications.


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Jan. 12, 2010 7:09 am
I often wonder how important it actually is the availability of localized versions for the deluge on new technological products that we hear about almost every day. Is this also relevant for the acceptance of a new technology (or its realization in a new tangible product)? Would the iPhone success (to name just one very well-known case) be anyhow different if its interaction would only be...  Read More

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If all goes well you will see a change in the layout of BestThinking's Home and Category pages. Topics & Articles and Blogs & Books will no longer be shown in two separate columns.

All 4 content types (Articles, Blogs, Books, and Topics) will be Featured Content together as one continuous stream, although the column structure - one wide and one narrow - will remain the same. The first (wide) column will now flow into the second (narrow) column. This change is in response to Blogs becoming as important a content type as Articles and Topics. This will also give Featured Content more time on the Home page which is helpful regarding search engines indexing this content.

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