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Drew J Stevens
Drew J Stevens
Drew works with sales managers and their direct reports to create more customer centric relationships that dramatically drive new revenues and new clients.


Branding With Customer Service

Mar. 14, 2012 12:42 pm
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I remember a time when I arrived at a fast food chicken establishment. It was very late and I was very hungry. I approached the counter and stood there for what seemed eternity before the cashier recognized me. It was close to closing so I asked innocently, “What do you have?” She actually replied – “What do you think – Chicken!”

When it comes to sales and marketing many do not believe customer service is part. This is untrue. Customer Service is a vital part.

You need to understand that customers all talk to each other about your products and services. If the front desk is rude, your customers talk, if you are rude customers talk, and when the owner does not return calls or is always argumentative customers talk.

Customer service is part of your value as well as your brand. The moment you tarnish customer service you tarnish everything you worked for. Be more engaged about your service, your next customer just might be your last.

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