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Sean Urquhart
Sean Urquhart
I am an experienced writer who has worked across a variety of mediums including: screenplay, script editing, prose, poetry,and novelization. I am particularly interested in psychogeography and the scope it gives both academics and creative writers to effectively trade elements of their fields.


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Feb. 16, 2009 6:34 am
I can't quite breathe...large-bosomed all-American white bread WASP to my right, Statue of Liberty to my left, pleasing noises in wraparound 360 degree technicolour synaesthetic headphones/eyeshades..But first...HOMELAND SECURITY Philadelphia...narco-thoughts spinning wildly like guitar figures from Lloyd-Langton. Passport 'photog not corresponding to current disguise. Fingerprint burned off by...  Read More
Feb. 16, 2009 12:01 am
DOES IT RHYME? The flicker in the eye, the longing. The beard stroke, masking the ID crises. I'm still as tense and wound as 20 years ago. Still falling for the same old hackery, Waiting for The Fall, The Drop, The final, final couplet. (Dundee August 2008) NOSE OUT OF JOINT/MEMORY FRAGMENT #4 It's only a number, I'm just a scrolled option on a VDU. But I still feel Atlas-burdened, As I watch...  Read More
Feb. 15, 2009 8:52 pm
"It's only a fucking bounce landing, the boy only nearly got brained with a fucking oxygen canister...fuck, it's only fucking words, lady!" the words loosed in a 747 full with returning septics and odd psychonauts like the bug-eyed utterer of such a torrent. There he was, eyes blazing, high altitude hijinks a memory as the jumbo came to an abrupt halt, he, already on his feet berating the...  Read More
Feb. 15, 2009 6:43 pm
And here I am, maybe for the first time...Maybe this is the feeling that I should've had last time around. As the bar reverberates to "Love is in the air" and 'Sdair has a wry look on his slit-eyed unconsconcious DeNiro visage, I laugh inside, smile breaking through my old testament beard, draining the last of my Guinness and wishing I was somewhere else, or with her... my thoughts trail like...  Read More
Feb. 15, 2009 6:43 pm
"I don't write poetry..." Roger paused between sharp inhalations of a tightly rolled fag "...I write words " he continued, as me, Tam The Brother and Vol. Con looked on in bemusement. "I mean...yewww.." he tilted his prop fag at me and drawled in Northamptonese at me "Yewww've been published ainnncha? Annnnnd..." I knew where he was going with his monologue, trying to puncture the fact that...  Read More
Feb. 15, 2009 6:42 pm
Joke number 2456; A man walks into himself at the bar... Another fruitless night, garbled conversations jostling for position with conscious thought, all mired in drink-addled bitterness and cant. Business as usual then, pards...Searching for lines to dig myself out of the usual pitfalls, before the Chinese consolation prize and the long, cold walk of shame home, to spout crap at the 4 walls and...  Read More
Feb. 15, 2009 6:41 pm
Fractured:Easing into uncomfortable silence. Timely:The intervention wholly unlike Midas. I travel alone, I empty my head of unreason, And tell myself, I might be beastly, In spite of my good side, That I know exists, Beneath the patina of chaos and madness.  Read More

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