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One year ago, a Kansas home was raided by federal authorities looking for marijuana plants. They found, instead, a few tomato and pepper plants growing indoors with a hydroponics system. The family believes authorities targeted them because they purchased hydroponics supplies, which are also...
Created: Apr. 8, 2013
Over the last few years, urban municipalities have begun encouraging and regulating the care of honeybees in the city. Roofs, parks, and back yards across North America and Europe now house beehives. The support for urban beekeeping comes as a response to colony collapse disorder, a...
Created: Jul. 12, 2012
My parents retired several decades ago, on 40 acres in central Oregon. Part of their land is undisturbed forest, and they’re proud of the deer herds that have taken protective shelter there, safe from hunters who shoot them elsewhere. But “friendly” deer recognize few boundaries, and I...
Created: Jun. 4, 2012
Erin Luhmann
After 8 years of testing and nervous system ailments, Jennifer Crystal was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She now had a name for her condition, but was up against a challenging path to recovery. “I was left bedridden, hooked up to an IV, for two years. The co-infections of babesia,...
Created: May 23, 2012

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