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Next to Christmas, Halloween is the second largest retail spending holiday in the United States. The total franchise income for the holiday has reached $6 billion. Think about it: the main necessities for this one night out of the year include costumes, candy and an assortment of decorations....
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In the July issue of Newsweek, the magazine publication is preparing to launch a cover portraying an imaginary present-day image of Princess Diana as she reaches the age of 50 with the daughter-in-law she never had the opportunity to meet, Kate Middleton. Of course, many have attacked...
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While sports are an integral part of many cultures around the world, athletes can experience a range of injuries from minor bumps and bruises to debilitating broken bones and concussions. Thankfully rare, there are a few instances of participants even being paralyzed or receiving fatal...
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New Book Exposes Darwin's Greatest Secret

In his new book Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s Greatest Secret, Thinker Mike Sutton reveals in compelling and convincing detail that the theory of natural selection was not independently discovered by Charles Darwin.

Sutton’s sharp objective eye of the criminal investigator and academic creates a vivid and authentic depiction of the times, the characters, and the cover-up that endured for over 130 years – until now.

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